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Welcome to the WSBA ADR Section's website and to your ADR network! This is a valuable resource, not just for members of the Section, but for anyone interested in dispute resolution.

It's a place where anyone can learn more about dispute resolution options. Then you can search for a dispute resolution professional, review the profiles of any member and find a professional that you'd like to work with.

It's a place where professionals can come together as colleagues to share ideas and information. Sign-up here on the network, take a look around and see the value in it for you and your practice. Add your voice to the Discussions. Join a group. Participate in the events. Read the newsletters. Learn more about how to use this network. Visit your colleagues' member pages. And be sure to tell us all about yourself in your own profile page. Participate and be a contributor.

This website is constantly changing as people add content, upload resources, and become active in the discussions. The more it's used the more valuable it will be.

So come on in, take a look around, and make yourself at home. Make this network work for you!

Join the ADR Section

Section members do have exclusive resources available only to them. If you're a dispute resolution professional - a lawyer, a mediator, an arbitrator, or something else - join the section if you haven't already and become a member.

This website is also the tool by which the section's committee members communicate with each other and do the work of the section. Everyone else in the section can stay on top of what's going on - seeing what's happening in the various committees and joining in on their work.

Update Your My Page

Part of the value of using a tool like this for discussion is getting to know the people you're talking to. Post a profile picture of yourself. Use your My Page tell us all about yourself.

Too Much Email? Or Not Getting Your Notifications?

You decide what email notifications you get. By default you'll be notified of most new network activity - discussions, comments, and posts - but you can change all that. To change your email settings, find the Settings link in the upper right-hand corner. Then choose the Email tab in the left-hand column. There you can change any of your global email settings, including the choice not to follow any discussions.

You can also choose just specific discussions you don't want to follow anymore. When you're reading a post you don't want to ever hear about again, at the bottom of the page choose to "stop following." That's all it takes. So you have control over what gets in your email in-box. For more specifics about controlling your email see this discussion here.


You are given the power to invite people. Have ADR colleagues you don't see here? Invite them! Just remember they cannot join the network until they are approved. But if they're ADR professionals like you, they will be.

Tag Your Stuff

Please tag your discussions, with one-word tags if you can. It's a great way to find related discussions. When you post something, first see if someone else has already made a tag that fits - if not, make-up a new one. Add as many as fairly describe your post. The administrators may add tags to your content, too.

Want You or Your Stuff Featured?

Really interesting content will be featured - it'll show-up on the top of pages or even on the mainpage. How does that happen? Easy - the administrators choose. The more interesting it is, the more likely it'll get featured. How do you make your stuff interesting? Easiest way is add photos to your discussions and events.

Section members and their stuff will be featured more often than those who aren't members. And even section members won't be featured if they don't have a profile pic of themselves! So click here to join the WSBA ADR Section.

Break it Up, Link it Up, and Keep it On Topic

Got a lot of ideas? Bust them up into pieces. Sure, it all relates together. But if it's all of a piece because it relates to ADR, that's a pretty big chunk of text you're asking your readers to swallow. And too many disparate ideas in one thread gets cumbersome. Remember, the way to be boring is to tell everything.

Instead, break up your manifesto into separate discussions. It's easy to create new discussions. And it's easier for your colleagues to search and find what's relevant and important to them if you do.

Are they related? Then link them - when writing the second piece, just click the blue "LINK" in the Content:Add: toolbar and add a link to your first piece. It's easy once you get the hang of it.

This isn't correspondence, it's not a publication. Inclined to think linearly?  Instead try thinking inter-connected and inter-related!

And stay On Topic. Does someone's discussion give you an idea on another thing? A new topic? Then start your own discussion! You can link back to that first discussion that gave you the idea if it helps.

Really want to exercise the inner-essayist?  Inclined to write longer, well-crafted pieces?  Then maybe you'd want to be a post on our public blog, or be on our Editorial Board.  Contact the webmaster if that's of interest to you.

Please read the Network Rules and the WSBA Social Media Guidelines.

Who Runs This Thing?

This network - is managed by ADR section volunteers. We do not have any involvement with the official website managed by the Washington State Bar Association - The two are managed separately from each other.  If you have any questions about please contact

This network is hosted by the Alternative Dispute Resolution Section as a service to its members and the public. The Washington State Bar Association is not responsible for the operation or content. All opinions and comments on this network represent the views of the individual contributors and do not necessarily have the endorsement of the WSBA, the Alternative Dispute Resolution Section, or the officers, agents or other members of either organization.

Comments? Suggestions?

If there's something you'd like to see, see changed, or not see anymore, please let us know: drop a comment in the Website Suggestion Box. We'll see what we can do about it.

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Welcome to our community of ADR professionals: mediators, arbitrators, and lawyers representing and advising clients.  We are active in the growth and development of ADR in Washington as well as the education of members of the bar and the public.

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