Concerned you're not getting email notifications? Have your email settings all they way you want them, but still not getting everything? Then this is the troubleshooter for you.

First thing to check is that you've got your email settings set correctly. See this discussion - Managing Your Email Notifications -  and go through the steps there.

If you've got your email settings right, but still not receiving the messages, the problem may be you're not receiving them.

Email is a transmission - sending and receiving. If you've got your email settings right, they're being sent. So the problem probably is that they are not being received. Or to be more exact, they are not being received where you expect them!

What's a body to do?

Your email could be getting caught in any or all of these three places.

Check Your Email's Spam/Junkmail Folders.Your messages may look like spam to your email client software. Your email system (Microsoft Outlook, or web-based email like hotmail or gmail) will likely have a folder where it puts stuff it thinks may be spam. If you find your email notifications there, it will have a way for you to tell it they aren't (Outlook calls them "rules;" Google calls them "filters.")

Check Your Firewall.Your computer system or network may have a hardware or software firewall that prohibits receipt of your email notifications. 

Check with Your ISP. That's your Internet Service Provider - the company that you pay to manage your email. It may be, Google or hotmail. They also have spam/junkmail filters for your mail that you normally never see. Contact your ISP's tech support and find out if your messages are getting stuck there.

When you find out where the problem is, tell your system (your email client, your firewall or your ISP) to "whitelist" (a trusted domain list) our domains and any messages coming from them:

How to whitelist  domains will be different for every system. Check with your tech support or your ISP's tech support to find out how it's done on yours.

Make sure they get the domains spelled correctly. It might be helpful to mention this background to your ISP: our website's originating domain is, which is our sub-domain within Ning's domain (, but we redirect it to our own domain ( and use it for originating email. Multiple domains may raise a message's spam score, depending on what service your ISP uses (they're not all the same and they score spam differently).

For more details on troubleshooting email notification problems see this Ning Help article.

If you need a test message sent, please contact Let us know what kind of messages you're not getting (e.g., in-box messages, a particular group, or forum discussions) and we can send you one.

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