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Parties signed a CR2A agreement that stated disputes regarding the final orders be subject to arbitration.   Opposing counsel filed a motion to present final orders based on final orders that were subject to dispute, and has refused to strike it based on the arbitrator's authority.  OC eventually agreed to our requested changes, but continues to stonewall on making corrections. 

We requested urgent arbitration last Wednesday to obtain a ruling to strike and to exercise authority to arbitrate, and for fees for having to respond, were informed the arbitrator was not available until Friday, were informed Friday he wouldn't be available until today, and are now informed he's not available. 

We've asked the arbitrator to either exercise authority or disclose that he's unavailable, and obtained no response. 

I've done a cursory review of RCW 7.04 haven't found anything stating when an arbitrator is be replaced due to lack of response.  Any input is greatly appreciated. 

Thank you in advance. 

Bo Weintraub


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Thank you.

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