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Membership in this network is for members of the Alternative Dispute Resolution Section of the Washington State Bar Association and others with an active interest in providing ADR services or the mission of the Section.  By providing a searchable directory of dispute resolution professionals, it is also a resource for the public at large.

To join this network, make comments and have your profile page in the directory, you must either be a member of the ADR Section or demonstrate your interest in the Section's work and ADR services. By using this network you are agreeing to abide by these Network Rules, the WSBA Social Media Guidelines, and the Terms of Service.

New members are always welcome to join the ADR Section. You don't have to be a lawyer. Click here to learn how to join the ADR Section. Section members have access to exclusive resources and may have their profiles and content featured over those who aren't section members. There is a charge for joining the Section. There is no charge for joining this network.

This network is the Section's way of communicating with its members. If you want to know what's going on in the Section and receive notices of events and opportunities, you should join this network.

Profiles. This is a community network of individuals interested in ADR in Washington. To keep out spammers, only verified individuals with a demonstrated interest in ADR in Washington will be approved.

We encourage members to post a photo of themselves as a profile photo. Avatars or logos will not be approved as profile photos and they may be removed by the administrators. Please post a photo of yourself - it makes for better conversation with your colleagues and is much better marketing for you, too.

Please fill-out your profile for yourself as an individual. We do not accept profiles for organizations.

Please keep your content and comments related to ADR and ADR Section business. Solicitations for business are inappropriate to post here. Training and events that may be of interest to the membership are appropriate to post. This network is administered according to the WSBA Social Media Guidelines. Comments that contravene these rules or the guidelines may be removed and members may be suspended from the network.

The Website committee actively monitors the network for spam, but we may not catch everything right away. If you find content you think is spam, please alert us by contacting the webmaster or leaving a note in the Website Suggestion Box.

Photos, videos or other content that are not related to ADR may be removed. Please do not post your individual photos of yourself on the Photos page. Please do post on the Photos page pics of yourself with your colleagues at ADR-related events.

If you have a question about this network, please contact the webmaster.

Privacy Policy

Your contact information from this site will never be sold. It will not be provided to others for the purpose of solicitations. It will not be provided to anyone else except as may be absolutely necessary to administer this site. As a feature to our members who want to be found by potential clients, we do allow the Members directory to be searched, so you may be contacted directly by others or by other members. You will also receive email notifications of activity on this network according to your email settings which you control.

Your activity on the network may be viewed according to your privacy settings which you also control.

The Fine Print

This network is provided by the Alternative Dispute Resolution Section as a service to its members and the public. The Washington State Bar Association is not responsible for the operation or content. All opinions and comments on this network represent the views of the individual contributors and do not necessarily have the endorsement of the WSBA, the Alternative Dispute Resolution Section, or the officers, agents or other members of either organization.

The content of this network is not legal advice. It does not create a client-attorney relationship. Though we hope that the information on this network will be helpful, we do not guarantee its accuracy. It is not a substitute for competent, specific legal advice.

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Welcome to our community of ADR professionals: mediators, arbitrators, and lawyers representing and advising clients.  We are active in the growth and development of ADR in Washington as well as the education of members of the bar and the public.

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