Exploring High Conflict Cases

2011 Northwest Dispute Resolution Conference
Exploring High Conflict Cases
Presented by Mark Baumann, J.D., and Rachel Hardies M.A.
In association with Bill Eddy's High Conflict Institute

In this advanced workshop, we will provide and review cheat sheets for recognizing high conflict behaviors and solutions for effectively reducing conflict in very difficult cases. Then, using case examples, we will look at the dynamics of what is happening and explore specific ways of dealing with the problems.

We will introduce some new specific methods for managing high conflict, and facilitate a discussion about High Conflict Institute techniques and participants own techniques for particular problems.

If you had a case that you would like to dissect and study from the high conflict perspective, please contact us before the conference.

Take aways from this workshop will be:

  • Understanding the difference between a high conflict case, a difficult case and a situation where parties are temporarily “flooded.”
  • Being able to quickly identify high conflict behaviors, with seven categories and 52 specific identifiers (HCP Identifiers cheat sheet)
  • Thinking about high conflict cases in four-point structure for, with 32 specific tools for handling difficult parties (HCP Solutions Table (mediation)
  • More confidence in how to manage high conflict cases

We will also introduce equipoise as a concept to bring together a collection of tools for staying neutral, balanced, detached from the outcome yet compassionately engaged in the process.

The written materials will include an article on equipoise, two cheat sheets, and articles by Bill Eddy on mediating in high conflict cases, listening, and B.I.F.F, Bill’s method for responding to aggressive demands in a productive manner.

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