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18th Annual Northwest Dispute Resolution Conference

AM Horizons Training Group, Moundsview, MN








Micro-Inequities and Discretionary Effort: Little Things Mean a Lot

Session 3.3 Friday, April 29, 2011 4:15 – 5:30 p.m.

This workshop session will explore the impact of the small, annoying things that are not discriminatory but nevertheless have a huge impact on personal and organizational performance. We will take a closer look at what they are, how these micro-inequities get built, and how these can impact people’s ability to give their personal best. The presenter will provide information that analyzes stereotypes and prejudice as well as an understanding of the historical context of present day prejudice and inequities. Participants’ personal actions will be identified to address the micro-inequities.  

For Andre Koen's story of how "people create the truth" - and a pre-conference peek at his presentation style:

Q&A with Andre Koen

NWDR: What's the theme of your workshop - your central point?

AK: There is a direct link link between human performance and the attitude of the working community and environment. When people are provided with Dignity, Honor and Respect they use their discretionary effort to the benefit of their organization. When they don't, they ration that same effort to preserve their sanity.

NWDR: How do you describe your program?

AK: I would say that our program is a paradigm shift - it is engaging, honest, full of humor and a slightly different way to look at diversity, empowerment and leadership. We aim to help people recycle their mind, use what they know to create something different that is effective for today.

NWDR: What's different about it? Something in the material, or how you cover it? 

AK: Lots of diversity trainers "talk" about our differences and how we need to respect those differences. I believe that we need to spend more time focused on our goals. It is our approach to our goals that is different - not we ourselves. All human behavior is goal directed. It is this understanding that leads to sustained change in our organizations and our personal lives.

NWDR: For whom is your program especially relevant? Who would you like to see come?

AK: This session is designed for those who work with managers and supervisors or who are in direct service of people. This introductory course will explore the latest finding of human motivation and how to direct and encourage people by being goal-focused.

NWDR: Are there particular "takeaways" - materials or skills - that you'll be offering to those who attend?

AK:  You will leave with a tool book that will have all the tips and strategies that we will have discussed in the session. It has simple and effect ways that you can help change the climate of your organization and increase the impact of ARC sessions. This booklet will be directly connected to the CD-Rom of the presentation that will also be provided in this session.

NWDR: What got you interested in the topic? Have a story for us?

AK: My mother has nine brothers and sisters and I wanted to find a way to explain why three of my mother's siblings are successful while the other are not. Same environment, yet different outcomes and choices. It was clear that it was their approach to the same goals that determined their outcomes. They did the best they could, however the approach to accomplishing their goals may have been misguided.

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