2014 Track: Workplace & Employment

March 28-29, 2014
21st Annual Northwest Dispute Resolution Conference

Workshops on managing conflict and resolving disputes in workplace groups. 

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2.6 Extinguishing Workplace Aggression: Understanding & Preventing Rage

Presenter: René-Marc Mangin, Ph.D., MBA, Conflict Resolution and OD Consultant, Vancouver, Washington

The session will present two models that explain the causes of explosive aggression (from threats to shootings) in a workplace or community and the conditions that foster it. The two models derive from extensive case study research and have been developed to help professionals prevent explosive rage and aggression.

4.6 Polarities: Working with Unsolvable Dilemmas
Presenters: Donna Lurie, Lurie Workplace Solutions, Woodinville, Washington; Yarrow Durbin, Courage Work, Seattle, Washington

Join us in a conversation to define polarities and distinguish polarities from problems. Learn why it matters to know the difference. Identify key polarities, explore how polarities work, and consider how this model can assist with mediation and facilitation. Practice how to map a polarity, identify action steps, spot early warning flags, and apply polarity thinking to specific mediation and facilitation challenges. Real life case studies will provide the foundation for our conversation.

6.3 Taming the Abrasive Client Using Boss Whispering
Presenters: Colleen McGough, M.Ed., Leadership Coach, Seattle, Washington; Lynda Prendergast, Ph.D., Insight Leadership Partners Seattle, Washington

This workshop will provide information and resources for anyone who works around, or knows, an abrasive person. We will present time tested strategies and research addressing why people resort to interpersonal aggressiveness and deny the destructive impact of their behavior. We will discuss what we can do to effectively get them to behave in a civilized manner. Content of the workshop is based on the book Taming the Abrasive Manager, by Laura Crawshaw, Ph.D.


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