2014 Track: Environment & Public Policy

March 28-29, 2014
21st Annual Northwest Dispute Resolution Conference

Workshops approved for CLE Ethics credit by the Washington State Bar Association.

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2.4 Healthcare Public Policy: Does ADR Have a Place?
Presenters: Kevin Harris, UW/WSU William D. Ruckelshaus Center; Michael Kern, Director, UW/WSU William D. Ruckelshaus Center, Seattle, Washington

Healthcare public policy is often developed outside of a collaborative process. Disputes, conflicts, and litigation are frequent results of a lack of understanding and effective collaboration between public and private payers, providers, plans, unions, advocates and consumers. This roundtable session will explore new ways to bring dispute resolution techniques into the healthcare sector.

5.4 Land Use Mediation: Bridging Policy and Practice
Presenters: Michael Kern, Director, UW/WSU William D. Ruckelshaus Center, Seattle, Washington; Claudia Newman, Bricklin & Newman LLP, Seattle, Washington; Laurel Singer, Peter Harkema, Oregon Consensus, Portland State University, Portland, Oregon; Leonard Bauer, City of Olympia, Olympia, Washington; Nina Carter, Washington Growth Management Hearings Board, Tumwater, Washington; Darren Nichols, Columbia River Gorge Commission, White Salmon, Washington; Jim Rue, Oregon Department of Land Conservation and Development, Salem, Oregon (invited)

This interactive session will bring together those who work on land use conflicts from the state or regional policy scale with those who work at the site- or project-specific scale, to discuss how these levels function, differ and overlap, and what those at either scale can do to assist the other.

6.4 Land Use and Natural Resource Management Disputes
Presenters: Martha Wehling, Phillips Wesch Burgess, PLLC, Olympia, Washington; Jennifer Arnold, Bonneville Environmental Foundation, Portland, Oregon

This workshop will provide a background of the law that sets the legal framework governing two high profile natural resource management disputes in the Pacific Northwest: the Northern Spotted Owl and the Marbled Murrelet. The presenters will focus on legal limitations on state and federal agencies and private landowners compared to public perceptions of the role of landowners in conservation services. Participants will discuss how the public can work effectively with agencies, when and how to use an attorney, and the role of alternative dispute resolution in policy debates over land management issues.

7.3 Situation Assessment: Identifying Issues, Interests and Dynamics in a Public Policy Dispute
Presenters: Chris Page, Project and Development Lead; Amanda Murphy, Project and Research Specialist; Michael Kern, Director, UW/WSU William D. Ruckelshaus Center, Seattle, Washington

This interactive session will provide an introduction to and examples of the situation assessment, an interview-based effort to explore relevant issues, interests and dynamics between and among involved parties to a public policy dispute. This is a common first step in exploring whether a potential collaborative process would be productive.


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