2014 Track: Community Mediation

March 28-29, 2014
21st Annual Northwest Dispute Resolution Conference

Workshops of interest to community mediators, DRC staff, trainers and other volunteers. 

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3.2 Structuring Negotiations for Success in Mediation
Presenters: Warren Olson, Mediator & Trainer; Sophie Morse, Training & Internship Coordinator; Charles Branham, Mediator & Trainer; DRC of Kitsap County, Silverdale, WA

Negotiations in mediation are often a “free hand” exercise relying on miraculous reconciliations that result in agreements. We will present a transparent step-by-step negotiation process to help mediators systematically prepare clients and manage the give and take of negotiations. The relatively straightforward concepts require attentive application, as the mediator plays an active role in facilitating negotiations. Participants will be asked to apply steps in abbreviated mock situations. 

4.4 It’s in the Cards: Interactive Exercises for Teaching Conflict Resolution
Presenters: Gary Harper, Harper & Associates, Burnaby, BC; Jory Faibish, Justice Institute of BC, Simon Fraser University, Vancouver, BC

To follow up on Gary’s previous Northwest Dispute Resolution Conference presentations, this workshop allows participants to experience three card-based exercises and explore ways to integrate those exercises into their own conflict resolution training. The exercises will range from variations of Thiagi’s Practical Advice Cards for Managing Conflict, a conflict style energizer to the multi-purpose Conflict Skill Cards. The presenters will also debrief each exercise from both a participant and trainer perspective.

6.5 Community Conversations: Bringing Divided Communities Together
Presenters: Paul Shelp, Executive Director, Dispute Resolution Center ‘Tri-Cities, Kennewick, Washington; Darrell Puls, President, Puls Conflict Management Associates, Kennewick, Washington

Communities are divided when they attempt to address “hot topics” such as healthcare, gun control, politics, religion, abortion, and others. Community Conversations is a proven process that brings deeply divided communities into the same room and engages them in civil discourse of even the most emotionally charged Community Conversations. The result is a greater understanding of various facets of the issues, and a deepening respect between the parties.


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