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Early Mandated Mediation - parenting

Draft Bill HB1353.pdf SelectRelated rules/legislation Utah Mediation Title 30.pdf Oregon Tillamook_SLR_12.001.pdf Oregon Mediation_OrderWithNotice.pdf Supreme_Court_-_IRFL County IL http://www.cookc… View »

Family law/parenting ADR Practices by State - A summary

State ADR Summaries Idaho: IRFLP 602 Mediation of Child Custody   F a complete list of Idaho Rules of Family Law Procedure go to:… View »

Arbitration Page

HB 1065 relating to limitations in arbitration -    Introduced 2013 Legislative Session endorsed by ADR Section Washington Uniform Arbitration Act - RCW 7.04A Mandatory Arbitration - civi… View »

Collaborative Law Page

2013 Legislative Session: HB 1116 WA Uniform Collaborative Law Act     endorsed by ADR Section View »

Foreclosure Mediation Page

Research sponsored by the ADR Section Legislative Committee: ADR Paper Harmonizing FFA UMA.pdf View »

Collaborate Law Statute

Collaborative Law Act   2196-S AMS JUD S4875.1 SHB 2196 - S COMM AMD By Committee on Judiciary 1 Strike everything after the enacting clause and insert the 2 following: 3 "NEW SECTION. Sec. 1.… View »

Collaborative Law Rules - proposed 10-2012

COLLABORATIVE LAW RULES   RULE 1. SHORT TITLE   These rules may be cited as the Collaborative Law Rules.   RULE 2. DEFINITIONS   In these rules:    (a) “Collaborative la… View »

Resources, Studies and Research

This Page presents links to information on studies and research. Resolution Systems Institute -  RSI RSI's Court ADR Resource Center Bibliographic Summary of Cost, Pace, and Satisfaction Studies… View »

WSBA Legislation and Court Rule Comment Policy

(The following policy was established by the WSBA Board of Governors and guides the work of the ADR Section's Legislative Committee.) Purpose: This policy governs Section, Committee, Division or Coun… View »



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