As you may know, the 2015 regular session of the Washington legislature convened  this Monday.

HB 1070 - previous HB 1069 - the International Commercial Arbitration Act was introduced pre-session and was heard in the House Judiciary Committee on Wednesday.  Our committee appeared in support of the bill and Michael Shaw of the WSBA testified before the committee.  Unfortunately, Jared Hager was unable to attend the hearing, but the Judiciary Committee appreciated that he was protecting them from viruses and wished him good health. Hope you're well soon, Jared, and can attend the meeting at least by phone ! The bill is being considered on Thursday in executive session of the Judiciary Committee and is expected to pass to the full House.

Several other matters on our agenda include next steps on HB 1070,  early mediation in family law cases and parenting cases, and Advisory opinion Rule 2223.

Two bills introduced in the house will be addressed:

HB 1122.AN ACT Relating to arbitration for dispatch operators of public1employers; and amending RCW 41.56.030 and

HB 1230 AN ACT Relating to the ordering of interest arbitration; and amending RCW 41.56.160

We will also be looking at future legislative items including amendments to the FFA, family mediation under RCW 26.09.015, community mediation and training under RCW 28A.300.280, and more.

Who is in the 27th Legislative District?  Please contact me ASAP if you or anyone you know are in the 27th Legislative District. Thanks.

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Thanks a lot for the update, Paul. I am volunteering my time at El Centro de la Raza during that time on Monday, 1/19, but I will do my best to be present by phone. I, unfortunately, live in the 46th District. I am definitely interested in updates on the ICAA bill. 

Sorry I couldn't make it today, Paul! I had bar prep. I will try to make the next committee meeting. 



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