The legislative committee will meet on Thursday January 26, 2017 at 8:30AM.  The meeting will be by telephone conference at 1-866-577-9294, listen to prompt and enter Pass Code:  5016527 #.

The committee will consider various Bills introduced in the 2017-18 Legislative Session referred to our section by the WSBA.  A summary of the bills are below.

The committee will also consider 2017 research projects and pending committee projects.

Bills Summary:

 HB 1574

 Concerning construction contracts.

Addresses certain clauses in construction contracts that purport to waive, release, or extinguish the claim rights of a contractor, subcontractor, or supplier.

 Referred by the WSBA to the ADR Section but proposed new sections of the RCW contain no ADR provisions.  Requires no action by the committee.

 HB 1554

 Concerning parenting plans.

Addresses sole decision-making authority and mutual decision-making authority in a parenting plan.

Prohibits a court from presuming that a parent, solely because of his or her sex, is more qualified than the other parent to engage in parenting functions or from providing more residential time with the child.

 Referred by the WSBA to the ADR Section but does not amend the ADR provisions of the amended sections of the RCW.  Requires no action by the committee.

 HB 1559

 Granting binding interest arbitration rights to certain uniformed personnel.

Grants binding interest arbitration rights to duly sworn police officers employed as members of a police force by a regional or state university or The Evergreen State College.

Prohibits the duly sworn police officers, mentioned above, from engaging in a strike, work slowdown, or stoppage.

 HB 1132 | SB 5075

 Concerning dispute resolution between seed buyers and dealers.

Revises the state seed act with regard to dispute resolution between seed buyers and dealers.

Modifies, by replacing arbitration with mediation, the prerequisite for a seed buyer to

commence a legal action against a seed dealer for damages under the Washington

State Seed Act.

 HB 1128

 Concerning civil arbitration.

Modifies provisions for mandatory arbitration.

Makes various changes to the mandatory arbitration laws concerning the cases

subject to mandatory arbitration, the time periods for setting hearing dates, permitted

discovery, arbitrator qualifications, and filing fees.

Removes all references to the word "mandatory" throughout the mandatory

arbitration laws, replacing "mandatory" with "civil" in some instances.

 HB 1070

 Concerning filing fee surcharges for funding dispute resolution centers.

 This is a re-introduction of a bill from the last legislative session that passed the senate, but not the house.  It authorizes increased fees for filing fees earmarked for DRCs.  The ADR section previously endorsed the bill.


 The following items are proposals that grew out of a legislative work group regarding public records requests:

 PRA Alternative Dispute Resolution  HB 1594

 AN ACT Relating to a public records court.

 Would create a new section under RCW 42.56.

Creates a public records court in King, Spokane, and Thurston Counties to address public information requests on an expedited basis, by agreement of the parties.


 PRA Agency Responsiveness DR  HB 1595

AN ACT Relating to improving training and practices for agency responses to public records requests.

 Amends and adds to 42.56.520.

Creates a new section (3)(b) regarding mediation over unclear requests or disputes as to what may be disclosed. Agency must request mediation.  Conducted in conformance with 7.07. Requestor may ask AG to offer consultation with agency if mediation does not resolve the dispute.




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