Any thoughts on a form for the proposed Act?  Thoughts about timing?


We could have it at the WSBA Conference Center if available.  Alternatively the WSBA Offices are a possibility as well.  The advantage of both is that we can webcast the forum.

Invitees should include interested WSBA Sections.  We have heard from the Litigation Section that they support the idea of developing an arbitration act that addresses international commercial disputes.  Other groups with a possible interest have been suggested including the Chamber of Commerce and Amer. Arbitration Assn. 

Any suggestions?


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Haven't been involved in these discussions, and it's not my bailiwick, so I'm johhny-come-lately, yet if interested in gauging AAA's involvement, Serena Lee, their former Seattle manager, is your contact there.

Thank you, Jeff.

On a related note, the proposed legislation has been submitted to the code reviser for review and will be the first item on the agenda of the WSBA Legislative Committee on September 13 at 1:00 pm.  I may need a volunteer to present the proposal to that committee. Anyone available and willing?


The Litigation Section has advised that they are in favor of an international commercial arbitration statute in Washington.  No specific comment on the proposed legislation, however.


It looks like we could hold the forum at the WSBA conference center.  It's just a matter of finding the right available date and time.  Any opinions or suggestions on that?

I'm happy to volunteer as presenter, unfortunately I will be out of country from Aug. 27 to Sept 15.  

As for a forum, depending on date and availability, I could reserve a conference room at Perkins Coie (1201 Third Ave, Suite 4900).  It offers nice views and plenty of space.

And as a reminder, I've reached out to Steve Anderson, VP at ICDR, and he's indicated ICDR's willingness to support our efforts on this.

Thanks Jared.  I'm sorry you're going to be out of town for the Legislative Committee Meeting.  We'll  try to manage.  I was thinking sometime in October for our Forum.  I'm checking the availability of the Conference Center.  The advantage to using the WSBA facilities is that we can webcast the forum for those unable to attend in person.  I think Perkins Coie would  be a good alternative an really appreciate the offer.

Potential dates for Forum:

Monday 10/7

Thursday 10/10

Monday 10/21

Wednesday 10/23

Monday 10/28

Tuesday 10/29

Wednesday 10/30

Thursday 10/31

Suggested time:  3pm to 5 pm

Place: WSBA Offices.  If we want to go after hours we can, but then need to arrange for elevator access - not a big problem.

Advantage of WSBA is that we can live stream it.

I would suggest the 10th - I think earlier in October is better than later, and I think it gives us enough time to get it together. My second choice would be the 23rd. 


Invitees(committee contact person):

 Bar Sections: Litigation, Corporation Counsel, International Law, Business Law (Paul)

AAA - Serena Lee (Phil)

JAMS - Rich Chernick (Tom)

JAMS - Lorraine Brennan (Larry)

CCA - Gene Farber (Tom)

ICDR - Steve Anderson (Jared)

Chamber of Commerce ( ?)


Your prompt comments will be appreciated so that we may set the date.




Of the early October dates, the 7th works best for me.  On the 10th I'll be in Portland hosting two panel presentations on disability diversity in the legal profession at Lewis & Clark College and at Perkins Coie's Portland office.

The later October dates work for me as well.

Then maybe the 23rd, or the 21st as an alternative.  I have a trial scheduled on the 7th.  Although it may be continued, it will not be before we pick a date.  The 21st is ok with me too.  My thought is a Monday is not the best day, but maybe I'm completely off base on that!



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