Based on the survey interest results and forecasted lack of financial viability, the Deskbook Committee determined and recommended to the Executive Committee that it modify the deskbook initiative to producing a web-based collection of articles and best practices instead of a traditional  treatise.    The Executive Committee approved the motion.  To reflect this change, the committee shall be known  as the "Web Book" committee.  The Web Book Committee is in search of a chair to lead the planning and implementation of the new direction.  If you are interested, please let me know.
  • Deskbook committee meeting

09/08 - 09/30/10
  • survey out to 6,309 ("Alternative Dispute Resolution Section, General, Family, Litigation, Labor, and allcurrent WYLD members)
  • reminder e-mail 9/23


  • designed Section member interest & TOC feedback  survey (SurveyMonkey)
  • set schedule for committee and Section survey circulation
  • set next committee meeting
  • introductions
  • history/status of committee
  • discussed challenges/options
  • resolved to circulate TOC among Executive Committee
  • set next meeting

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On August 2, 2010, the survey motion failed by E-Vote (1007-3) due to objections raised by Rina Goodman to table and discuss at ExComm 1008 and Mark Baumann's dislike of the TOC. I will not ask WSBA to circulate the first week of August as planned.

It is on the Executive Committee agenda for the meeting on 8/20. As such, I am canceling the deskbook meeting for August 11 as there is nothing to discuss, unless someone thinks otherwise.

After the ExCom meeting on 8/20, I will report back to the group on whether the Deskbook initiative has sufficient interest in the current board to continue.

Thank you for your valuable support for this Section effort. It is much appreciated.



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