Just saw reference to this effort in WSBA's emailed newsletter.Following the links, found it to be a matter of significant concern.

I see there the excellent letter signed by the ADR Section officers on behalf of the Executive Committee and the Section, addressing the extensive areas of significant concern in the workgroup's recommendations. Thanks for that. Looking at the staff-prepared summary of the feedback from other sections, it would seem all of us sections are all in this together.

I'm unable to attend the nearly-all-day "forum" for feedback tomorrow. I can't imagine who else might. This would seem to be a "man the barricades" moment.

Is there a real risk that any of these !@#$%^ recommendations might actually be viable? if so, is there anything we should be doing to help?

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Jeff -  You might want to express an opinion on the matter to your BOG rep.  Several of us were at the Forum last week.  The sections are very united in opposition to the proposed ideas.  There is some discussion of reconstituting the work group, which is something the BOG has given the workgroup authority to do.  The idea is to get current section leadership as participants in the workgroup. Another meeting is being held on Feb 19.

I see now that WSBA is (finally) recruiting active section executive committee members for this sections workgroup. See details here.

What a stroke of genius. [End of sarcasm.] Why they didn't think of doing that before is beyond me.

Is there a current ADR Section ExecComm member who's willing to volunteer for this? If we know who it is, maybe we can flood WSBA with nominations for him or her.

If I don't hear, I'm just going to nominate someone myself! Careful - it might be you ...



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