This website is built on a platform (Ning) that's designed to let you get email notifications of just the activity that interests you. You don't have to remember to come back here to check-on discussions or groups of interest- just get your settings right and you'll get notice in your email in-box.

After you've got your personal email settings for the whole website just the way you want them, you can then specify your settings to get notices just of the things that are of interest to you. Here's how to do that.


Your Email Settings

On nearly any page, in the right-hand column, there's a list of links. Last one with a "gears" icon is Settings. Click that to go to your Settings page. Then click the Email tab if it isn't highlighted already. You'll see you have many choices about what email notifications you want to get, e.g., messages, requests, invitations, activity, etc. Check the ones you want. (I've got all mine checked and, even as group administrator, I don't get too much email.)

If you'd like more detail and some screen-shots on how to do this, check out the Ning Help page here.

Now that you've got your Email Settings right, you get to decide what specific email notifications you want to receive. You can do this for nearly anything on the website. On almost every page, toward the bottom, you have a link that let's you choose whether you want to follow or stop following it.

Here's out that works for specific pages.


Follow the Forum

The Forum here is where discussions happen among everyone on the website. You can get notice of when a new discussion is posted. Then you can decide if you want to "follow" that discussion.

I have my settings so I get notices, and I follow them all until it stops being interesting to me - then I "unfollow" it.

To get notices when new discussions are posted, go to the Forum page, then scroll to the bottom and you'll see, on the right-hand side, an email icon with a link saying either:

  • Stop Following – Don't email me when there are new discussions
  • Follow Email me when there are new discussions

It's a toggle switch - just click it to set it the way you want it. (Keep in mind if it's showing the "Stop Following" option, that means you're already following all discussions; and if it's showing the "Follow" option, that means you aren't following; this seems backwards for some folks and perfectly logical for others!)

To follow any discussion, you also get to decide if you want email notifications when someone posts a reply. You choose to follow or stop following the discussion. Just go to the bottom of the page - this one for example - and you'll see that email icon again with a link saying either:

  • Stop Following Don't email me when people reply
  • Follow – Email me when people reply

Again, it's a toggle switch - click it until it's the way you want it.


Follow Your Groups

If you want to get messages from the Groups you've joined, in your overall email Settings, first be sure you've checked the box to get "A message from one of my groups." 

Each group has its own Discussion Forum - its like a mini-Forum just for the members of that group. And just like the Forum, you decide whether you want to follow or stop following when new discussions are posted and when replies are posted to existing discussions.

Go to one of your group pages. Scroll down to the Discussion Forum. Under the list of discussions, on the right-and side you'll see a View All link. That takes you to the Discussion Forum page for that group. On the bottom, to the right, you'll see the familiar Follow/Stop Following link choice. Click it to get it how you want it.

To follow particular discussions in your group's Discussion Forum, go to that discussion, scroll down, and click the Follow/Stop Following link choice until it's how you want it to be.

For another explanation for how following works in Groups, and some screenshots, go to the Ning Help page here.


Not getting the email notifications you've set? Read this troubleshooter here.

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