Expectation and regret: a concerning review of U.S. mediation devevlopment

Peter Adler, Ph.D., a long time advocate for mediation, published Expectation and Regret: A Look Back at How Mediation has fared in the U.S, as a full article and as a shorter blog post, both available at mediate.com, http://www.mediate.com/articles/AdlerExpectationandRegret.cfm

His observations are interesting and concerning. The article is based on interviews of 25 other experienced mediators in which “five interconnected stories emerged, all of them full of smaller and larger paradoxes.” The stories are:

  1. “The Decline and Decay of True Mediation”
  2. “The Pull of the Courts”
  3. “The Domination of Lawyers”
  4. “The Profession that Isn’t”
  5. “The Search for Identity”

If you have observations or thoughts about Peter’s concerns, or ideas about how you think the WSBA ADR section might address the concerns, please email me or share them in a comment below.

Mark Baumann
WSBA ADR Executive Committee

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