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I hope that you enjoyed your holiday.  I apologize for missing much of the previous Education Committee meeting.  I understand that there is interest in coming up with an educational program for 2011, and I recall that you asked if the Education Committee would be interested in setting aside 2-3 hours before the next Executive Committee meeting to meet.  I am interested in doing so, but my December calendar is filling up quickly. 


In order to get the ball rolling, I thought I might toss out the following (somewhat provocative) proposal for comment and discussion.


I would propose (i) 4-5 mini lunchtime CLE's downtown (Sherman's idea), one each month or two, and (ii) one or two full day or half day CLEs, such as David Brenner’s faith based event.


I think that the mini-CLE's should offer 1 or 1.5 CLE credits, and be free to all WSBA members. If free CLE credit is offered, even people who do not currently have an interest in ADR will be encouraged to attend. If at all possible, we should attempt to reach out in particular to people who are not members of the ADR Section, such as the Young Lawyers.


a.       CLE 1 (February?)- Broad introduction to ADR.  This CLE should spend 15 minutes on negotiation, 15 minutes on facilitative mediation, 15 minutes on evaluative mediation, 15 minutes on arbitration, and 15 minutes on Q&A. I understand that CLE programs must have evaluation sheets. We could use this opportunity to survey attendees on their opinions of ADR, why the use it or do not use it, and what topics they would like to be covered in future min-CLE’s.  Alternatively, we could use part of the Q&A period to ask attendees if they have used ADR, and if not, why they have not.


b.      CLE 2 (March?) – This CLE should spend 30 minutes on facilitative mediation and 30 minutes on evaluative mediation. It should dispel myths, such as the commonly held idea that mediators “decide” things, or that certain disputes are “not mediatable.”


c.       Half/Full Day CLE – (May or June?) This could be the faith based event that we have been exploring.   


d.       CLE 3 (September?) A broad introduction to arbitration. This CLE should spend 15 minutes the benefits of arbitration, 15 minutes on drafting an effective arbitration clause in a contract, 15 minutes on conducting the arbitration, and 15 minutes on the enforceability of arbitration awards.


e.       CLE 4 (November?) This CLE should look more deeply at an arbitration related topic, such as arbitration in labor or construction disputes, arbitration in the international context, whether arbitration is becoming too much like litigation, thereby losing some of the cost saving benefits arbitration was once said to offer, or some such.



Will Herbert



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