Suggested changes.  I think they are obvious, but let me know if you have questions.  I move the sentence having to do with members from the beginning of 7.1 to 7.2 and clarified the reference to the fiscal year in 7.1, by removing "beginning on" and reworded it to say ", which begins on,"

7.1 Standing Committees

The chair of each standing committee shall be selected for the next year, which begins on October 1,  by the Chair-Elect, upon the approval of the Executive Committee. The committee chair shall serve for one year, unless reappointed by the next Chair-Elect. In addition, the Chair shall have the power, in consultation with the Executive Committee, to appoint such ad hoc committees as are necessary for the purpose of furthering the objectives of this Section.

7.2 Members

The Chair shall have the power to designate the members of standing committees of  this Section in consultation with the Executive Committee. The members of the standing committees shall be selected from among members of this Section by the Chair in consultation with each committee chair.

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This proposal was approved by the Executive Committee, after proper notice, at its regularly scheduled monthly meeting September 16, 2011. It will be submitted to WSBA Staff for review and submission to the Board of Governors for consideration of approval, probably at their December meeting. Here's a redline of all three 2011 amendments submitted.



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